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From Burnt press blah:   Adam Jones’ (four-time Academy Award® nominee Bradley Cooper) dangerous, drug-fuelled lifestyle has caught up with him and caused him to hit rock bottom, fast. Reeling from his spectacular downfall, Adam leaves Paris with a plan … Continued

Abbey Road

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I had my first recording session at Abbey Road today with the legendary Barrington Pheloung for Endeavour Film 4 and… it doesn’t get better than this. The building  is freighted with associations and memories built deep into our imaginative subconscious. … Continued

KRISTY / Lifetime / Saturday 8pm

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#KRISTY gets its first show in America on the Lifetime channel tomorrow at 8pm.   It’s a cinematic thrill ride distilled to 85 minutes of pure tension and shock that, like its transformational heroine, yanks you by the short and … Continued