Abbey Road

Published by Olly Blackburn

I had my first recording session at Abbey Road today with the legendary Barrington Pheloung for Endeavour Film 4 and… it doesn’t get better than this. The buildingĀ  is freighted with associations and memories built deep into our imaginative subconscious. The name evokes so much and as you pass the placard to Elgar — who opened the studio in 1931 — pass by walls lined with photos of the Beatles, Sinatra, George Martin, Oasis something tingles at the base of the spine rising to the throat. An emotion becoming electric.

The corridor bustles with musicians and engineers, you pass a control room, the red light on and…

Studio two. Its walls, worn parquet floor and white plywood sound barriers so evocative from pictures of the Sergeant Pepper sessions and more… Your throat catches. The orchestra tunes. You hear music that a day ago was coming out of a sampling board rendered live, made flesh and blood in string, wind and brass. Yep it was special.