Hate Hate

Published by Olly Blackburn

I hate racism. I hate Anti-Semitism. I hate bigotry.

It can exist in us all, and it’s part of our basest meanest natures.

With this ex-London Mayor racism row, why won’t anyone take the bull by the horns? Why aren’t experts being called in to argue facts?

Whatever links there may have been between Zionists and Nazis the Nazis meant nothing but malice to Jews, any favour they had for Zionism was only as a part of a plan to harm Jews and Hitler did not “go mad” after 1932. There is a clear line between what he said from the start of his career to the Final Solution. He was not a Zionist and Zionists are not Nazis. Which is the suggestion being made. And why this is a racist comment.

It’s like saying that because some African slaves were sold to white slavers by their tribal chiefs black Africans are somehow cut from the same cloth as white slavers. That is tarring the victim with the brush of the oppressor. It’s sinister and it’s racist. Just like this.

Makes me want to vote for Sadiq Khan even more just to break this cycle of racist muddying of the waters on ALL sides.