Jo Cox MLO

Published by Olly Blackburn

I knew Jo Cox ever so slightly, she was a close college friend of my brother. Everything everyone said of her rings true, she was remarkable, just the kind of politician we need and the best you can say from this horrible thing is MLO – let her Memory Live On and inspire millions to be like her.

Even when you only dimly know someone, all your memories are so full of youth and life that a violent end has a terrible feeling. Like a rupture. So many thoughts and feelings for her husband and children.

And as for context: this was meant to be a discussion about Europe. It’s become one about immigration and that’s degenerated into racism, bigotry and xenophobia. In other words, the beasts that live within us all. If a politician chooses to try and ride the beast — and that’s a delusion, it will ALWAYS end up riding you — then it sends you to dark places. Like lonely messed up men with mental issues who believe the hateful noise booming around them.

There’s a place for a discussion about immigration. There’s an urgent place for a generation-defining discussion we’ve needed to have for 40 years about the economic system that is failing us all. There’s no place for racism or bigotry. Ever.