KRISTY / Lifetime / Saturday 8pm

Published by Olly Blackburn

#KRISTY gets its first show in America on the Lifetime channel tomorrow at 8pm.
It’s a cinematic thrill ride distilled to 85 minutes of pure tension and shock that, like its transformational heroine, yanks you by the short and curlies and thrusts you into the valley of the shadow of death pursued by evil that durst not show its face.
It’s intense, overpowering and fucking full on with some cracking performances by a cast of intense & intensely focussed actors: Ashley Greene, Haley Bennett Chris Coy Lucius Falick Mike Seal Michael St Patrick James Ransone.
Killing it behind the lens: writer Tony Jaswinski cinematographer Crille Forsberg editor Jeff Betancourt musical architect François-Eudes Chanfrault costume and masksman Abby O’Sullivan. Trail-sparking talents you will hear much MUCH more of.
So yeah, watch it. It’s pretty cool.
But guess what? I would say that. I’m the director. I could be totally snake-oiling all you people. This could be complete garbage I’m huckstering you with because I’m a dissimulating asshole from planet fib. This could be a sub Ed Wood pile of poodle and I just want you to get my Nielsen ratings up because that’s the kind of do anything ratings-hungry dick I am.
So don’t listen to me. You hear that? DON’T LISTEN TO ME! Ignore EVERYTHING I said. Walk AWAY. Could be camel spew, thorax trash. You’ve no idea if I’m telling the truth — I might be a pathological liar who just wants a high rube-count and god knows there’s a fair few of them sloshing about.
Go listen to these people: